Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling

One of my biggest reason to get attracted towards the art of filmmaking and/or storytelling was Pixar. I remember, during my 10th, how I would sit in the internet cafes in front of those painfully slow computers looking out for every damn update that would come out of Pixar & Dreamworks Animation.

My dream of becoming an animator could not be fulfilled but the inspiration that these studios sparked in me took roots.

These 22 rules won’t be new to a lot of people. Specially the internet savvy ones, but it has been a huge inspiration to a lot of writers including me. I stumbled upon these meme styled 22 Golden Rules of Storytelling on the internet quite a while ago. It is truly inspiring for any filmmaker/storyteller/writer.

The meme were created by Dino Ignacio, a UX Designer for Games. After reverse digging, I found that Emma Coats, formerly of Pixar, currently freelancing in NYC. Story, film (as described on her Twitter), tweeted about these 22 Golden Rules of Storytelling at Pixar.

So without further ado, here you go.

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